Tips for Nervous Flyers

  1. It should be comforting to know that flying by air is the world’s second safest mode of transport (second only to elevators/escalators).

  2. Think about what you will do after you get off the plane – we both know it will be worth it once you land!

  3. Turbulence is worse at the back of the plane so be sure to ask for a seat as close to the front of the plane as possible. If you’ve missed out on a seat upfront when checking in online, when you drop your bags at the counter politely ask the lady/man at the counter if you can have a seat upfront as you have a fear of flying – my sources tell me it works every time!

  4. Make yourself known to the airhostesses – they’re really helpful and friendly towards nervous fliers, they’ll even sit with you during take off and landing if it helps calm the nerves!

    Commercial airplanes are really safe and easy for pilots to operate. Most of the time the plane is flying itself –

  5. Science proves that caffeine can cause nervousness so try your best to avoid having that coffee before you head to the airport!

  6. Keep yourself busy on board with tasks that require light thinking – Sudoku is a great balance of the ‘right’ amount of concentration.

  7. Travel with someone who you trust as this will naturally calm you.

  8. It’s just that safe!