Travelers Legal Rights

How to booking package to avoid problems?

They have to comply with strict quality control and your money will be protected if they go out of business. As with many of these issues, these schemes don't apply if you have booked your holiday independently. Although many of us now choose to book our holidays ourselves over the internet, for consumer protection it makes more sense to book a package.

Claim if my hotel is poor quality?

The holiday must also be of a reasonable standard, bearing in mind the price and location. Obviously you would not expect a budget hotel to be the same as five star luxury. But you can expect basic standards to apply whatever the can claim against the travel agent and the credit card company.

Still get compensation.

However, you may be able to claim if you are injured because of something like defective equipment, even if you signed a disclaimer.

Claim for an accident or injury abroad.

This is because the package tour company is answerable for anything that goes wrong, providing you can prove it was somebody's fault. if you use the internet to book your flight directly with the airline and your accommodation directly with the hotel it will be much harder to bring a claim if something goes wrong.

Travel legal costs?

Some travel insurance policies have legal expenses insurance (LEI) attached. This means you get a certain amount of legal advice if you need to make a claim. If it doesn't have an LEI policy, it may not be much help.

Time limit for making a claim?

These time limits will be different in different countries and the first question you should ask a foreign lawyer is how long you have to make a claim.

If the operator cancels my holiday?

If you have booked your package directly yourself, whether you will get a refund or compensation will depend on the small print of the website or contract, so make sure you read it!

About lost luggage or flight delays and cancellations.

If your flight is delayed you are entitled to be looked after while you wait. This means you should get refreshments and sometimes accommodation. You should also given the opportunity to contact people to let them know what's happening. Ultimately, if there is a long delay, you can ask for your money back. If your luggage is lost, you are entitled to compensation and you don't have to prove anyone was to blame.

Need to use a lawyer from the other country.

However, if you are making a claim about a package you have booked yourself, you might have to use a foreign lawyer.

To get more information.

You can get more information about your travel and holiday rights from Consumer Direct. Please be aware that this is not legal advice and if you are concerned about any of the issues mentioned you should speak to a lawyer.